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Things to do in Thea's & Susanna's Villas

Both villas together can accommodate up to 12 people.

Both villas are a perfect setting for weddings and other family celebrations. Both, Villa Thea and the studio, and villa Susannas , have witnessed many couples ‘tying the knot’ in recent years. The villas, the view and the weather combine to make the perfect location for those special days.

Easter is a perfect time to visit Thea or Susanna. The orthodox celebrations at this time of the year should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Greece follows the Julian calendar and in 2017 Easter in Greece this falls on Sunday, April the 16th.

For the more active guests, both houses form a perfect base for exploring the local area on foot. Crete is famous for its flowers and fauna and many hikers has found Thea and Susanna a perfect location for a holiday on Crete.

Both villas together can accommodate up to 12 guests. If you are considering a group holiday either with friends or family, then Thea and Thea’s studio, and Susannas villa, would be the perfect location for you.

Last but not least, both villas are perfect for just chilling out in a beautiful location with everything you might need on your own doorstep. Why not?

Villa Thea
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Villa Susanna
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